Sle Is A Multi System Autoimmune Disorder With Ocular Complications In The Anterior And Posterior Segments, Including Keratitis Sicca, Episcleritis, Corneal Ulceration, Uveitis, And Retinal Vasculitis.

Dec 19, 2016  

Gonorrhoea and many other bacteria. Pichare A, Patwardhan N, dale AS, et al. Use safety equipment: Wear sunglasses or safety goggles to avoid another injury. There can be sensitivity to light, a noticeable film over the eye, discharge, or a red, inflamed, painful appearance. O'Donnell C, Enron N. Doing a corneal scraping and examining under the microscope with stains like Gram's and doh preparation may reveal the bacteria and fungi respectively. SLE is a multi system autoimmune disorder with ocular complications in the anterior and posterior segments, including keratitis sicca, episcleritis,

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